getting my mind right

So here I am... 17 days away to my flight out to Rome, and I am doing all the research and packing I can before the big day.  I stumble upon a website that turns out to be an entire Europe guide book that is posted online for convenience.  I start reading, and it is what I've been looking for!  It has every little bit of information I could possibly imagine.  I start reading even further... John Bermont (the pen name of the man's article I am reading) goes on to say "I had drifted into wearing Levis at my local pub in Michigan a few years ago."  This caught my eye as I am from the sweet state of Michigan as well!  My interest level elevates as I read "One night last summer I was returning home from an event where I was wearing a jacket and slacks and decided to stop in at Oscar's, my regular place, to shoot some eight ball."  Oscars just happens to be the bar I've been spending every other night at since I've been home for Christmas break!  The author of this book, a Europe guide book by a man who has traveled the world, couldn't possibly have grown up in my hometown, could he?  Well he freaking could!  I shot the guy and email right away and he responded immediately.  Apparently he is in town and would love to talk about his book, and also has some extra guides he would love for me to have.  I haven't set a date and time yet, but I plan to soon.  The one clip I start to read online which I believe was the most helpful ended up being a man from my home town.  Blow my mind!  Of course his words probably spoke to me better than any other guide book.  Hopefully I can follow in his adventurous footsteps.

Anyway... here is the website www.enjoy-europe.com.  For anyone planning to do any travels in Europe- I recommend this fully!  Not only is his information very worth while, it is also a pretty good read.  He has a 23 year old daughter that he has been sending throughout Europe who keeps her blog up and takes plenty of pictures.  It is very convenient because the whole book is posted online.

HAP-PITY NEW YEAARSSSS!!  I hope everyone set some very awesome resolutions for themselves.  Reachable, but awesome.

I hope everyone can feel my love vibes I'm sending out to the world (that's what the Book on Love that I'm reading told me to do) and I hope you guys can feel it because... shits real. :)