Down to the wire

My suitcase is open in the living room with nothing in it, but surrounded by gadgets and trinkets (guide books, alarm clocks, journals, chargers, cameras, ear plugs) and things are starting to get real. The most valuable piece of advice that I'm taking is to pack lightly. Which means I have room for enough clothes to last me about two weeks at MSU.  Its going to be interesting to see how my living habits change.  Like for example; I usually have 3 baskets filled with makeup.  But my bag consists of only three items: cover up, mascara, and lip gloss.  I'm excited to be stripped of most of what I don't need.

Even though I'm taking the minimalist route, the clothes that I am bringing are gonna make me look damn good.  I'm gonna weasel my way into the culture over there in no time, I can feel it!  My Rome guide book came in the mail today, and I am still waiting on my Italy guide book and my outlet adapters.  But once I get those I will have all I need!

I Skyped with my lovely roommate Sarah today! It was SO wonderful to chat she always makes me laugh.  I can't wait to use that whole Skype business to help me stay in touch with people, it truly is wonderful since I don't have a cell phone (TELL ME ABOUT IT) which is going to be pretty cool.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the Pontiac area to help my sister move into an apartment (again). The first place ended up being the sketch palace of Keego Harbor.  So Mom made sure to place her in a bigger, more beautiful, safer apartment.  You go, Mom.  I'm happy about the move as long as there is beach access near the driveway so I have a summer escape.  I'll be staying with her for a night and hopefully go out on the town and live the life of sissy while I can!!  Then it is back to good ol MSU to get some drinks and toss some "see you laters" to my little world with all my little people over there.  I will be busy, probably won't sleep much, will consume ample amounts of alcohol, and enjoy the moment with people I love.

Shannon- this comes to an end for you because I'm going to go pack up your things for your new home riiiighhhtttttttttttttttttttttttttttt NOW.