Thoughts spark $ and $ spark thoughts

I graduated from MSU gunning towards something bigger. I had dreams and aspirations that I couldn't even define because I hadn't lived in the 'real world' yet. College is bubble. Students don't give an ish about news, or anything outside the walls of their campus. Nothing against that... it's a survival tactic to focus on your school and friends in the area. College is too much to take in as it is, anything else would surely be too much.

My ideas and inspiration was to find myself working in social media, what seemed to me the fastest growing and most leading edge of all business marketing strategies. It  excited me to decide that being leading edge was how I wanted to go through life. And I don't have ANY regrets. It really has been a dream. My intense thoughts of what I want have lead me in the direction I dreamed of.

I moved through a social media internship and found myself working as an Account Executive for the same company. Not only am I able to use social media for my personal use, now I am very excited to use it for business. I hope that I set an example in the future for other Account Executives in gathering leads and getting clients through things such as Twitter.