Be Disruptive

+Breanne Swim introduced me to an inspirational article for women on Twitter today. It hit home with me.

"To be successful, we must now do the very thing we were always taught not to: be disruptive." In other words, challenge authority.

YES! Make people think.Get creative with it. It doesn't mean you have to do something crazy to get attention. Ease into it if you have to. As an intern, I made it obvious I wanted a standing desk.  It drove people nuts. I took every extra file holder I could find and built myself a monitor stand. It was just tall enough for me to work at when I stood up. I also sent everyone I knew this infographic about how sitting is killing you. Kudos to +Ryan T. Maas who got me started with standing desks. It started conversation, and even a little uneasiness. My boss after a while told me to "take it down a notch" since others were dubbing my cubicle as the circus cube.Whatever, I did. Still didn't mean I was going to stop trying in other ways. I'm only trying to keep myself happy and healthy so I can continue to do my work in a lively manner, and I continue to push for what is factually proven to be good for you in the working environment.

"Prepare, but also learn to improvise"

You can only prepare so much. You will always be growing in the workforce. There is plenty room for brainstorming, creativity, and inspiration. In fact, that's what the workforce is, room to improve. Even though you may not consider yourself  an entrepreneur, it doesn't mean you can't come up with new approaches to expand your business and mix things up. The way that I did this was to stay consistent with my social media strategy. My knowledge in social media set me apart, and I will continue to find new ways to use it to my advantage and expand our business.


1) Write a blog
2) Tweet 3 times a day
3) Stay personable on FB
4) Make a non-personal FB PAGE which focuses on a skill or hobby

"Welcome a less prescribed, full of surprise, career path"

In other words, follow your dream. Although forging your own path instead of following another path is naturally uncomfortable, it can lead to great happiness. When you are scared, consider that to be a good sign.

"Go for being respected, not just liked."

Stay genuine, and keep on gunning for what you know is right and what you believe in. Do things, and do them with OOMPH. Don't base you decisions and actions on what is "girl appropriate". I know many of the things I do with my friends or at home are very much not stereotypical of a women. Just be APPROPRIATE. Although a power skirt doesn't hurt. In fact, I recommend it.

Now go get'm tiger!