Unstuck Not Like Glue

Ironically enough, my desk job in cubicle land has unstuck me from my stagnant world. I had the notion that if I always moved around, changed friends, changed houses, changes cities, that it would provide me with more opportunities and adventures than a desk job could. I had it all wrong.

It's frame of mind, not frame of scenery, that's going to provide you with adventure and opportunity.

Although parts of my life haven't changed, like hopping from apartment to apartment, a major part of me has changed significantly since I started my full-time job as an account executive in Indianapolis. It has enlightened me that staying in one spot, at my desk, doing my job, will provide me what I need in order to explore the way I want to explore.

Because of my steady income, I can travel every weekend if I want. As a club frisbee player, as soon as it gets above 45 degrees we start traveling across the nation for frisbee tournaments. We were offered a bid to a tournament in Seattle, WA which I had the funds for! I was ready to pack my bags and book a flight! Unfortunately, my other teammates aren't in the same place as me with my "adventurous stuck" living. I am planning to go to California next summer for Lei-out, one of the biggest beach tournaments in the nation. I am planning to go to Sarasota for nationals this summer. I am capable of all of this traveling and exploring because of my cube.

Stuck = adventure.

In saying this, I have found love for a job I never thought I would. I work in insurance. Boring as hell. BUT because it is so boring, my imagination and creativity run wild. Changing up sales tactics and trying new sales schemes keeps me on my toes every day. Bringing fresh brains to the table will always rev up an appetite.

Stay stuck ya'll. (only if you love what you do)