Come se dicheeee.......

How do you say......  DELICIOUS!?!?

Last night, me and four of my roommates met up with some other ladies that they new from Maryland, which is where my roommies are from, do get a bite to dinner at Le Fate in Trestevere.  The special thing about this restaurant is that the chef is the one that does cooking lessons as a class at the university I attend, so he provides student discounts. 10 euro for a three course meal, wine, water, and bread (which all three of those usually cost extra).  The special last night was el primero- tomato basil and mozzarella bruschetta; segundo- gnocchi with pesto; dessert- grandmas pie? Whatever. It was delicious.

Before our late dinner, we all walked into town, which took about 50 min but it was AMAZINGLY sunny and warm outside, and got a ticket to go to the top of the infamous Wedding Cake :) in Piazza Venezia.  It had one of the most breathtaking views I might ever see of Rome.  The beaming sun and whipping wind made it all that much more spectacular.

Then we walked down Via Corso where all the shops are and ran through Zara which is a cheaper but high quality clothing store. Honestly the shoppers scare me.  Watch from a far and its like watching ants on their mound. Ew.

Ali and I peaced and headed back to school to pick up her package she had gotten from her mother. Oh do I love mothers. Home made cookies, sweet potato chips, trail mixes, oatmeal, granola bars, kettle corn... all the gourmet shit. She pleasantly offered the cookies as I ever so politely indulged. That may have been my first cookie in a month. No.. it really most definitely was.

I hit the hay early last night as the others pre-gamed to go out like champs after a long day, for I had somewhere to be in the morning!  Me and a good friend Valerio from my ultimate team woke up at the break of dawn and cruised over to a high school across town.  My captain needed some young faces help out in a gym class haha. SOOOO here I am, the only english speaking American back in high school. They want us to come back for 10 more classes so I think they liked me! I feel very fulfilled getting involved in the community. I hope to do it again, it was a massive enhancement in my cultural experience.