That's it.

I've given myself enough time to settle in, be lost, confused, tired, exhausted, whatever the excuse may be.  But that's it.  My alarm is set for 8:00 or 8:30 am every day (9:30 on weekends) so I have enough time to do the things I need to take care of daily in the morning, like homework and running, and then it is off to explore the day! I had a wake up call, and I need to use this opportunity to do everything in my power to do everything I possibly can.  Every night I am going to go to bed with a sense of fulfillment and exhaustion. Count on it.

This morning I went out and focused on taking my creative pictures for my photography class.  In times like these, I am SO grateful I am a WOMAN.  I had people offering to pose for me!!  I got some OUTSTANDING pictures of people in action in their daily life.  I think my prof (who doesn't like to show up to class more than the students) is going to really appreciate the fact that I interacted instead of used my camera as creeper status.

Probably most proud of...

I can't way to see how people interpret them and how they will differ from my thoughts and intentions.

I went to the train station today and found the platform that will take me to the airport on thursday for my trip to Germany.  Then hit up the town and saw all I could see. Testacchio, took a wrong bus, wrong bus broke down, found the right bus, and hommmmeee sweet home tastes so good.

Photography tonight, maybe the prof will show up today?