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World navigations
First stop: Munich, Germany
I am currently on my flight to Germany.  What a whirlwind this day has been so far and I still have to make it to the pub for a beer.  Up at 7am this morning, I still had class to attend before my trip.  My prof left her students on their own to navigate to the opposite side of Rome where we were going to hit up the Museo D'arte Moderna. Me and two others met at the tram at 8am and didn't stumble upon the museum till 9:30.  We were 3 of 8 to have made it out of a class of 20.  Extra credit is my friend.  I'll give myself a pat on the back being the leader of our "seemed to be lost but not actually" trip to class.  My navigational tool in this noggin of mine will be compared to a stone age man when navigation was #1 instinct after my time is through over here.  When finished, it was back to school to print off my boarding passes.  It took about an hour to get to school and back home, tickets in hand. Patience in a motherload of a virtue over here.  You just can NOT be in a hurry. BUTT I frantically ate, grabbed my bag, and I was out the door to the tram.  This is when the nerves starting pricking at me because I would be taking the local train to the airport.  Technically illegally.  A former frisbee player told me to pretend my bus pass was my train ticket. Worked like a freaking charm! I'm giving the general frisbee player population mad props for this one because of my degree of gratefulness.  Screwing the system is exhilarating, and I saved 10 euro (which translates to at least two more rounds of the best beer in the world).  I did exactly what I was told but, mistakes are meant to be made so I will still on edge despite my first success.  After I got off the wrong stop (I swear it looked like an airport) and caught the next train, I made it to the airport!  First when getting my ticket they looked at my papers and told me my name wasn't in the system (payback for screwing the system eh? Karmas a biootchh).  Can I cry now?  No, deep breaths, things happen.  They found me thankfully, and off to customs.  Pretty sure the young woman officer picked out my radiant Americanness, and made me remove my boots for the hell of it.  SWEAR I was the only one to remove my shoes, putting me in blue slip on booties. Just had to laugh... I'm sure gave others a quicky smile as well.  Finally I sit comfortably in my plane seat and feel very confident in the rest of my trip with enough clothes and food on my back.   
Miraculously I found Liz in the never ending airport.  I seriously think I have the best luck in the world.  Or maybe rolling with the punches is the only way you'll get anywhere.  Either way, HALLO DEUTCHLAND!! She took my by U-Bahn back to her place where we pulled ourselves together.  We came to an agreement on a movie night with beer, chocolate, and hair dye (we had a big day ahead).  When in Rome? Nono... when in Germany!!

Things we did:
  • Marienplatz
    • Rathaus (Glockenspiel)
    • Alte Peter (300 stair climb to view)
  • Odeonsplatz
  • Englischer Garten
  • Universitat
  • Olympiazentrum
    • Olympia Park
    • BMW Museum
  • Augustiner Keller Restaurant
  • Schwabinger Sieben (bar)
  • Peaches (bar)
  • Pots (bar in StuSta)
  • Royal Castle Neuschwanstein in Fussen

The Language of Germany is one that I am completely and utterly unaware of.  I couldn't read a single word allowed correctly I am sure of it.  The thing that surprised me the most was the overall cityscape. I was expecting small cobble stone roads and local towns with cute peaked houses and wood trim and such.  Although I got a taste of that in Fussen, Munich was a much larger metropolitan business town. High class, large roads, and big business structures.  I was also expecting the beggars, graffiti, and lower class visibly seen in Rome, but there was none of that.  They really had their shit together... wonder why...