art of eating choke

I love artichokes, my roommates love artichokes, everyone loves'em! We always order them in our dishes when we are out, but, have you tried cooking it and eating it at home? NO! But I did :) and it's clear now why we never cook them.  I boiled up two artichokes to last me for the week today, but turns out you can really only chop up and eat a fraction of the poor little veggie.  I never understood the shape of the artichoke after it was cooked compared to the uncooked one. But that is because you aren't eating the leaves when you get it with your meal, you are eating its guts!

I insisted on not wasting the plant and looked up ways to use the leaf.. and this is how you do it.

  1. Peel of the leaves individually after cooked
  2. Put your favorite dipping sauce on a small plate (I used spicy mexican sauce.. durr)
  3. Grab the pointy end of the leaf (which is the part you can't eat) and dip the base of the leaf in the sauce
  4. Use your teeth to scrape the top layer (which is the part you CAN eat)
  5. Usually you can bite off the base of the leaf while you are at it
It's like dipping chips but healthier and FUN