We can act like art analysts...

If anyone has ever read books on art theory or the history of art, it seems like a lot of the things that are mentioned have to do with theories, hypothesis, and open ended questions.  This always leaves me dazed and confused.  Judgements are always casted on "foreign" artists, as they are are considered the "Other" in retrospect of the West and American art (to boost the ego, cuz America needs more ego).

When it all comes down to it, the overall theory I am left with (and most art analysts are as well) is that in order to learn how to respect your surroundings (including art around the world) you must rid yourself of all ideas of what is "foreign" to you, and allow yourself to become the foreign one.  This allows the pages in your book to become blank, and leave room for new stories.
"There are no foreign lands.  It is the traveler only who is foreign." --Robert Louis Stevenson