9:55 and I'm SO ready for bed.

Classes started today:
12:30-1:55 italian 100
2:05-3:30 Anglo-American lit
5:15-8:15 photography

There was one boy in all three of my classes today.  How weird is that? Boys, you need to get your shit together and travel more while you are young! I packed my own lunch (nutella and jelly because there isn't peanut butter over here, at least not the good stuff) and a sliced up pear which is as big as both of my fists combined.  Obviously that wasn't enough to last the entire day so I had to give in and by a panini and a cappuccino (I'm trying to be $ savvy now). By the time I got home around 9pm I was ravished. I can't wait till I get in the groove of things so I don't have to starve anymore!

My post title is the name of our wireless, quite enjoyable.