I would guesstimate we walked about 7 miles today. I am physically exhausted, but mentally energized. I am still completely stimulated from every sight.  My roommates Sylvie and Emily were my accommodators for the evening, and to be honest I wouldn't be able to remember a single word we said to each other. Seeing such a beautiful place that holds so much history and meaning was like pressing a reset button somewhere in my mind.  Reseting all expectations for myself and others.  I went through a strong spiritual movement today.  I was completely humbled by the BIGness and VASTness of the situation.  There is more to this world than I will ever be able to comprehend.  But if I leave no room for expectations, judgment, and stay mindful, I will soak up every bit of information up that my brain will let me.  And holy MOLY do I want to soak it up.

Bonjourno from Rome!