If there was one thing I promised myself while away it was to end up living like an Italian.  Traveling is something that I am taking advantage of to an extent, but I am here to live and become a part of something that is greater than me, growing to become part of a whole other nation.  Simply enough, my goal is being reached.  We spent all day Friday touring the Coliseum and the Forum.  Tours like these I feel like I can take only ever so often because of the huge emotional impact it has on me.  It takes me a while to snap back into reality.  Each and every structure brings along a groundbreaking concept or visualization on the perceptions and concepts of human life for me.  I don't know why this place has such a huge effect on me but I have a hard time wrapping my head around it.

After Roma had brought us all these beautiful sites, it was only necessary to repay it in the most appropriate manner possible.  Spend lots of money at the PUUBBBB! So, we did.  The next day was a relaxing Saturday morning followed by a typical loooong three course dinner with dessert and a bottle of wine with two fine ladies in a little ally off Trestevere by the Tiber. We took the tram home and when we got off at our stop our curiosities drew us into a bar with neon pink lights hovering over a door that was shorter than I am.  You think thats a marketing tactic? We had to hunch to go through the entrance. I'm 5'4"?  It took us downstairs into a 70's retro martini bar. HA. HELL. yes. I got an Alexander.  Then we got invited to Open Mike night sunday night. 8 euro for dinner, drinks, and singing. I know what I'm doing sunday night, do you?