Chief Andrea

This man is MAGICAL!  Shannon spent six hours in a kitchen yesterday with three other families cooking a typical three course meal with a side and a dessert.  Appetizer, primo, secundo, contorno (side dish) and dessert.  It is not common to have everything in one sitting, but with fresh cooked artichoke, home made pasta, beef ham and mozzarella wraps with a sautéed spinach side, and chocolate soufflé for dessert, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to cook in the kitchen with a well-known chief of Rome? FEED ME! Turns out that Shannon and I were one pair of FOUR groups of sisters that were there!! We were all women amongst a wondrous city with our beloved other half's, perfection.  I had so much to share about the city since more were only there for a couple of days and I have been here a little over two months already.... (waaaaaa!?!?).  To settle our stomachs, Shannon and I took a night stroll in the beautifully lit park of Villa Borghese to help our belly's settle.  It was a very relaxing and mindful day. Rejuvenated!