Remember Me as a Time of Day

As the front door slowly opens, the beam of light that casts down my nose slowly begins to engulf the left side of my face. The first breath of cool air pushes my hair behind my neck while I graciously step onto the pavement. Everything seems a bit slow. I feel a bit light. No where that I have to be involves a rush unless it involves seeing you at the end.

So I walk slowly and observe every little particle that catches my eye. Instead of spending one second to look at it and move on, I spend four.
My pace involves my whole body, not just my legs. I take a breath in, take a step, keep my torso strong, and shoulders straight, head up, and breath out. I have time to think about how I use my body.
Keep my eyes up. Every motion effects who I will become in the next second. So I stay present.
And I stride. Breath in. Look at people straight in the eye. Stop and enjoy the fresh smells. Walk around people instead of through them. Breath out. We rhythmically work together.

Old women arm and arm. I wonder how long they’ve known each other. I wonder how important they are to each other. Stare as long as I want. They appreciate someone noticing their rarity.
A young boy walks with an elbow on his buddy’s neck. True friendship. They wouldn’t notice me even if I tried to get their attention.
A young man is pressed up against a fence down a side ally by his new girlfriend. All the notice is each other’s hands on their backs and a locked gaze. She can’t get enough of him. She lights him up. Maybe forever?

I think of forever. I am not just walking. I am experiencing the soul making of my being. Each new thought, site, smell, I am enhanced. My point of being becomes more meaningful with each breath. But potential is never satisfied.

Meanings are endless. Point of references change to into domes. Ever expanding globes. So what do I reference? Present.

Present is the beginning of endless. I have forever growth.

How do souls meet if they have no end? Do they become parallel? Perpendicular? I like to think they become one. A connection becomes a uniting of souls. 

The old woman sees me, doesn’t smile, but doesn’t shun. We encountered a common ground for one second. We noticed each other. Our paths met. Our souls reacted. We became one. Aware of each other’s present, we continue on the same path toward endless.

With extra time I have given myself, this is what I see. My soul becomes richer with connections. My mind becomes full of new ideas. My eyes see unimaginable sights, shapes, colors, and depths.
Why has my sight become stronger? Because I move slower.

I have something to live for. I have the capability to know. I want to teach people something I have learned on my own. On a walk. Moving slow. Because I have nowhere to rush to. Not until I am able to rush into your arms.