We can say we did it

Spring break started thursday for me after my last midterm in modern art.  Shannon's plane had gotten in the night before so she was here and it was hard to concentrate but I did what I could. Since it was St. Patty's/The 150th year of Italian Unity... I hurried home to get Shannon to hit the town and celebrate!  We navigated and walked around downtown Rome as much as we possibly could, keeping in mind that we had an early train to catch (up at 3:45am) for Florence.  Keeping that in mind, we headed to an irish pub called Scholars Lounge around 7 or 8pm and drank our green beer with our flashing green light up necklaces that Shannon brought from the States so we could show some St. Patty's pride.  We headed home around 11pm and crashed in hopes we would sleep well for our big day in Florence.  I knew it was going to be a big day, but I didn't know we would end up walking between 9 and 10 miles.  As soon as we arrived in Florence, we bought a city guide and a map and mapped out our plan of action over a cappuccino at the nearest bar.  Our plan: start north, go south, hit every major site.  Plan accomplished.  We dragged our sore feetsies back to the train around 8pm with burnt cheeks, beers in hand, some new shades in our bags, and an adventure in mind that will be remembered forever. As excited we were to get home and sleep, a couple friends from my frisbee called us and wanted to hit the town.  As the Kaweck sisters have rolled, we still roll but not turning down an opportunity to dance all night regardless of how tired we are.  And we sure did dance our little booty's off.  Up for more than 24 hours, Shannon and I make it home and sleep into the next day. BUT up and ready for action.  What up ROOOOOOOOOME.