The calm before the storm

Cliche phrases don't dawn out of nowhere.

The past week has been the most "normal" week I think I may have spent here in all my 12 weeks I have spent here so far.

Finals is coming up, so free time=papers, flash-cards, reading, and notes.
My extra time goes to running, since I started training for my half on monday.  I totaled in 24 miles this week, and will only progress.  I got a new pair of running shoes and they feel incredible.  I went out wednesday and friday night like a normal college student and had my first FLAG SHOT (Italian flag of course).

This week has been very routine-oriented.  I've had to get a lot done before Mom comes into town on tuesday.  From tuesday on, I won't even have time to think before I'm on a plane home to America.

Not only is it the calm before the storm physically, but emotionally. I'm becoming more attached to this country by the second. Pulling myself away is going to hurt.