Saturday was ideal.

I laid in the sun and had the house to myself most of the time, free do wander, ponder, not think, write, read, talk on the phone, get work done, anything.  Camille (the most wonderful, kind-hearted, happy, ball-of-joy, cute Scottish woman) and I met up at the tram around 6 later on to enjoy each other's company.  We  got wine, frozen pizza, and ice cream from the grocery store and put it in the fridge for dinner later.  We sat at the caffe across the street for a solid hour drinking spritz and eating aperitivi (appetizers).  It was my first aperitivo, even though that is commonly enjoyed before Italians go out to dinner for their real meal.  We headed back to my place, split a bottle of rose, enjoyed some All-American Rejects (British music of course) and some AWESOME conversation.  So many people have so many things to say, just need someone to shut up and listen.  This girl as so much going for her and leaving her will be very hard to do.

Valerio came to my place later on to share some ice cream and wine before he took us to "Il Regno di Tiramisu" (The King of Tiramisu).  It was midnight and the restaurant was packed full shoulder to shoulder... could have been a dance club.  Valerio always takes us to the best places around Rome for the best food and desserts.  We got tiramisu of course, and gelato.  In case you haven't been counting that is three desserts in one night.

After full bellies, it's time to dance.  We went to a dance club called Il Circo di Arte (the circus of art).  It was.... THE... best club I have been to while in Rome.  All fun alternative rock music with modest mouse, kol, some electronica music, and plentyyy of oldies.  Twist and shout!! Dancing to this type of music is SO fun.  You get to just be in your own element if you want, bop with your friends, and can sing along to it.

A lovely night out with the crew.