Fish in my pasta

Not only have I had the most amazing meals of my life over the past 4 months, my cooking skills have also shot through he roof.  Getting to cook with all fresh ingredients is just as exhilarating as going to a new restaurant and trying a new meal.  Not only is it fun, but "scrapper" has been the term that has recently come up a bit since I've been traveling and had friends visiting, and I like to cook instead of invest 5 euro on a little slice of bread at a tavola calda (hot table with to go pizza).  I love being able to come home from school and cook myself a meal that I know what goes in it, is good for me, and also takes planning, thinking, and creativity.  It's almost turning into an outlet, let my mind go, mix and match.  It really is art!

The other day skyping with John, we usually share what we are'a cookin' with each other because food and cooking is something we both really enjoy and do a lot.  For dinner I had made a pasta dish with tuna and chopped veggies with a tomato sauce. John was kind of grossed out because seafood with pasta isn't really that common in America, but it's a regular dish over here!  I love when Italy get's the best of me and I don't even realize it until someone says something. Thanks John :).