Socially Traveling and Eating

This past weekend was Easter.  John (my man in case you forgot) and I decided to finally try to hit both families in one weekend, which we haven't attempted for holidays before.

*As a side note for those people in relationships out there, deciding what you are going to do for family events ahead of time will make your lives 1000x easier and will save you 20 arguments. In addition, The Art of Traveling with a Loved One is a pretty educational article on this topic.

This meant an extensive amount of traveling.  Now when I say extensive, I don't mean crossing the country.  Since John and I are both graduating in May, involved in sports, and are possibly busier than ever, an hour road trip is considered extensive.

Upon returning to my house on Saturday we ate, sat and talked, and then ate again.  Then we went out for drinks. The next morning we woke up for brunch and split after an hour for Detroit. Upon returning to John's house, we then ate dinner and sat around afterword socializing and catching up.

Eat, sit, eat, drink, sleep. Eat, sit/drive, eat, sit, sit/drive. That is what we did.

But all this hubble jubble about eating and resting, the core of what I'm trying to say is that from what I remember with the weekend is catching up with family and mending ties that may be a bit torn or even broken.  Making the effort, especially over the holidays, to see family is what it is about.  The social interaction could only be possible with the sacrificial traveling, and sacrificial amounts of food consumed. It is all for a cause that makes life worth every hardship.

This is a couple days before we left, but still awesome.