Home is where you make it

I almost feel like I belong here in Indy. What is it about the place that makes me feel so at home? It could be that I have my own place, it could be there I am working with people that are all my age, it could be that everyone is so friendly, it could be that there is an EXTENSIVE ultimate frisbee community. Everything about this place is begging me to become apart of it. The move wasn't that bad, because I didn't have any furniture. For those who are moving, DON'T BRING CRAP THAT IS BIGGER THAN YOU. Let me tell you about a little friend, Craig. Craig has a list, Craigslist. PALEASE use it, it was save you time, money, and energy. Even though I am only staying for a couple of months (hopefully longer) I have no need to buy furniture, but if I WAS staying, THIS would be mind for $10!! For now, as long as I have a roof over my head, some veggies, and some work clothes, this chica is good to go. The view from my window isn't too shabby either.