Friends, Family, or Both

This weekend I went back to Michigan to see all the friends I consider family back at MSU. The people who are back in East Lansing are truly my family. The provide me with comfort and a sense of belonging. Some of these lovely individuals I hadn't seen in a year or two. Some it has only been about four months or so. It is a lovely reminder to know that you are never alone. I get an uncanny notion of comfort thinking I'm "alone", which allows me to travel and meet to new people with ease. But I will never forgot the people who have grown with me and made me who I am today.

When making trips up North, I usually do as much driving to see as many people as possible. It's hard to go to Michigan and not run up a couple more hours in the car to see my mother, but to be honest, it was refreshing and smart. Whenever I travel I have found that I spread myself as thin as possible to cover as much ground as possible. This doesn't allow me to spend a decent amount of time with certain people and is detrimental to the growth and maintenance of a friendship. The hard part is WHERE to spend all my time. I love them all :).

On the back-burner... there has GOT to be a road bike my size out there. I am looking for a miracle.