I'm a writer.

I listened to Poor Boy by Blink Pilot while writing this blog, and it made it feel so much more epic than it probably is. You should probably YouTube it and let it play on repeat while you read so you get the same effect.

It's freakin fall. I've spent my entire summer writing. Obviously not for myself, hents no blog since July, but for OTHER people. My experience writing for a personal blog placed me in a position I want to be without even "trying". Writing about traveling and experiencing the world was a hobby of mine, and still is. I'm doing what I love now, just because I had a blog to begin with. I didn't go to school for writing. I graduated with a BA in advertising. The most I wrote for my degree was about 3-4 sentences of "copy" for an ad. Witty copy. Well I tried.

Man so many things have happened. I got hit by a car. My ultimate team made it to regionals. I can't afford shit, even though I'm living like I can. I'm moving for the 2nd time. I've been SUPER drunk like.... 5 times all summer. That's it. And probably most times with my mom when I visit home. My internship was extended for a year. I love the city. I got a new racing bike (WHATUP MONON TRAIL!!). My presence on the internet has grown significantly. I have a brilliant supervisor who I know is going to point me in the right direction. Things are looking up. Things have been looking up for about four months now.

I hope to merge all of my writings into one place, my Travel Blog Facebook page. I acutally invested $1/day for advertising for it, so you may even see it swipe across your screen if you are the lucky 6 people in the nation who get to see it before they take it down because of my cheap investment. But I hope you get to see it pop up on your search in the future organically. It will grow. Keep an eye out for it.

For the peeps: