Nostalgia - A Place

Everyone knows the feeling. A place you've been every summer. I place that brings back the best memories and thoughts and emotions. A place where you feel loved, wanted, and feel free to love to the fullest. For me that place is the beaches of the town of Charlevoix in Northern Michigan.

The best part about this place is that it is family oriented and comes with a tad of history. My mother's dad was a Volks Wagon dealership owner, the first in Michigan actually, so you could imagine his success. He bought a lake-house right on Round Lake, a boat, and a limo to get his 6 kids 3 hours north up to the lake-house, which inevitably turned into "The Cottage". The limo had nothing to do with the money, and everything to do with a clever way to get all his children from one place to the other with as little complaining and trouble as possible. Seems like a pretty cool idea - good thinkin gramps, right up my alley.

Now these are all stories and tails that are heckled over during holidays when my aunts and uncles gather, so I don't actually know if the limo really was a good idea. But all I know is my whole life, and still now, it sounds like a majestic life they had growing up. These stories add to the love and the emotion that is involved when I visit The Cottage. As a kid, it was just a place for me to have fun. Now it's a place where I find peace, serenity, and love.

You don't take any boyfriend to the places that causes nostalgia, you take "the one" to it. Once you enter into the amazing world that is your nostalgic place, the gates of your heart open up for everyone to see who you really are, and how you came to be. It is the ultimate vulnerability. And I am so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to be at my place once again.