Daydreams Are Sometimes All You Need - 100th Blog Celebration

In honor of my 100th blog post, as well as over 6,000 blog views, I have decided to talk about a very special topic. Daydreaming. 

I just spent an incredible weekend in Chicago with a couple of my best friends, and several new faces that I have never met before. Sandblast 2013 was what brought us all together for this heck of a weekend. This ultimate frisbee tournament in all of its glamor is a 5 v. 5 tourney on the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan. I honestly felt like I was on the west coast. There were even surf boards everywhere (for stand-up paddle boarding of course). The tournament was incredibly well run and the weather was ideal. Sandblast 2013 is probably what my heaven would look like.

Finding myself stuck in a room with 12 people for a weekend is usually a common thing considering I travel a lot for ultimate. We are always trying to save money by bunking up together. This weekend we all bunked with Emily Eddy who lives smack dab downtown Chicago. What a sweet heart! The apartment was totally funked out with her gear-like things because she didn't have a garage. Bike in the corner, golf clubs in another, cat and dog supplies wedged under the winding staircase. The staircase let to her lofted bedroom, which then protruded out to a deck on the roof. It was totally majestic. Even though it was a loft, it fit 12 of us comfortably.

We partied till the sun went down and then partied some more. Making memories and laughing at and with each other about nonsense. Making new friendships and building old ones. And of course lots of sunshine. It almost feels like it was a dream. Today it is a dream anyway.

Daydreaming is a kind of mind travel that isn't taken lightly in my book. A daydream can make my entire day. In this case, daydreaming about Sandblast 2013 is getting me through work on this Monday. It's allowing me to forget how sore I am, how burnt I am, and reminding me that life is so much more than this desk and computer in front of me. This daydream is motivation to keep going and reminds me that times to travel and explore will always come along to pick you up out of your seat and back into the world of excitement, glamor, and glory.