All the things that I like

My first weekend home for Christmas break has melded together into one big huge laugh.  Me and my new man John (yeah kind of a big deal) drove to my hometown Thursday night after my last exam which was at 8pm.  We rolled into Midland quite late, but little did we know my family was home scheming our arrival.   As soon as John and I walk through the door there are already old ski songs blaring in the kitchen and the new Warren Miller movie playing in the living room.  It was such a wonderful welcome home even though John was probably questioning what he had gotten himself into.  We didn't play our time short up at Boyne.  Of course we jumped on every activity.  Slept in, baileys for breakfast, got some GREAT time in on the slopes with no lines, experienced a beer mid run by a fireplace, hit up the bars every night, and warmed up one night in the club hot tub after eating a delicious home cooked lasagna.  I'm so proud where I come from and spending my first weekend away with my family was the best and only way to step out of my stressful school mentality.

This boy that I have been spending all my time with is one of the most genuine, motivated, confident guys I've ever encountered which deserves to be recognized.  John was always helping me and my family out for the weekend and understands the meaning of respect.  Whenever he moves a finger it's for the right reasons.  I can't wait to ride bikes, go on hikes, camp, run, lift, travel, try new things and to learn from each other in the future.

So now break has started, but that doesn't mean I can sit back and let the days roll by.  I hope to take advantage of my gym membership at Smittys, cook for the family and maybe learn some new recipes, and also pack for Italy!!!  I will be spending all my free time looking up flights and destinations, culture, language, and hopefully I can absorb enough to get me from place to place without FREAKING about the fact I'm across the planet. But oh man, bring it on.