Feeling Inspired

Tuesday night 10:12pm and I have a final for accounting about 42 hours from now and I'm starting a blog. For the past two weeks my head has been in such a fog.  Concentrating on anything here at school has been a huge joke when I know I won't be coming back here next semester.  I'm constantly thinking about my planned semester in Italy in several weeks here.  The anticipation has built since I began my first semester here at MSU as a junior.  I think I've reached my breaking point.... ITALY HERE I COME... accounting exam... suck it :/. I want to make sure I have something to share with everyone what I will be experiencing and hopefully I can share my experiences and moments of growth with anyone who is willing to read.

My roommate Kelly Toskey left for Tahoe today.  She will be doing what everyone WISHES they were doing living it up as a ski instructor out west for the next 8 months.  Tosk and I have been living together for the past three years, and although we won't be living within inches of each other any longer, she will ALWAYS be the best roommate anyone could ever ask for.  Live hard, girly. Love and peace!

My other roommate Sarah Craddock will be continuing her sophomore year in the same room we spent first semester in with some other girlies.  I'm STOOKKEEDD to hear how she ends up carrying our ultimate frisbee team to nationals (no pressure) and dominates her engineering classes like a freaking pro. PRO!

The end of the semester is creeping up on me which is marking the beginning of the rest of my ridiculous life.  Good thing I can start with a weekend with my family.  I know I'll be able to start off well with a push from them. They will give me the momentum I need to bulldozer through the times ahead.  I'm also bringing someone with me :). He has already helped to get the ball rolling.. (thanks for that).