Tomatoes are to oranges and oranges are to lollipops.

You know when you cook your own meal, and I mean REALLY cook... like with stove top cooking, oven baking, spices a shake'n.  For some reason those meals always seem to hit the spot more than if someone were to cook it for you, anyone with me on this?  Well that's how I feel every time I sink my teeth into a fresh apple, take a sip of milk, or slurp up some pasta.  Unlike America, Italy is located in the Mediterranean and therefore can grow their own food even in there backyard.  I mean... there is an orange tree in the courtyard of my campus.  Everything.. EVERYTHING is fresh.  Even the peanut butter!  Just read the ingredients- 97% peanuts and 3% salt... haha.

Now I'm gonna take this analysis onto everyday life.  Living at home, in the dorms, in an apartment, whatever the circumstance, I have always felt the need to escape, as does everyone I would think.  Finding that one spot where you can let your mind take off on its own without interruption is sometimes the best feeling in the world. Today I went for a run down the road and when I got home it had been a miraculous hour and a half.  I don't ever run for an hour and a half.  But I found myself in the biggest, vastest park I have ever seen.  I saw a big field of green through some gates to my right, saw people jogging and basking in the sun in the distance so it is obviously a park.  I jog on through the gates and ended up circling the park for at least an hour.  I was running underneath bridges, past fountains, up and down stairs, around lakes (with swans and other massive birds I've never seen before) and looked out to views that my eyes have never, EVER, seen.  It was the most emotional run I have ever, and will probably ever be on.

What I am trying to say is... everything that once was in America is a zillion times more over here. I'm not quite sure what more of, but definitely more.