(Built In a Day) That's the name of my new ultimate team.  I went to representing a university to a province.  The culture of ultimate frisbee that I was drawn to is officially world-wide.  These people are the shit.  This crowd is from around the world! New York, Scotland, various provinces of Italy, and probably more I just don't know yet. We will be hitting up the west coast for Carnivalultimate the first weekend in March, and then the east coast for Paganello during Easter weekend.

I'm also in the midst of my half marathon training. Starting week two tomorrow!  My family and my boyfriend are planning to do one together during summer time in the beloved town of Charlevoix.  Aren't we cute :). Can't wait to finish that race so I can stuff my face with Kilwin's ice cream.

Friday night my house-mate Emily and I hit up a local bar near the Tiber called The Long Island.  It was super teeny, but BANGIN.  All bumpin American music. Techno-ized oldies like dancing queen.  We both got beers and of course they thought we were crazy... I mean the bar is called the Long Island, we are girls, and we ended up getting beer instead of a fruity cocktail.  I think we ripped a stereotype to shreds.

There is a Inter Roma rugby match on at 8:45 tonight, and immediately following the the SUPERBOWWLLL!! black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow.  We are going to an Irish Pub called Scholars (because we are in fact scholarly) for both games!  The super bowl is on at about 1am here and all of the big Italian bars are going to be FLOODED with Americans until 6am.  It's going to be a funny day tomorrow seeing that the university I go to is mostly American.  Everyone is going to be dragging their feet from the football game the night before, or should I say morning of.