Full House

Our first week back from spring break wasn't bad since it has been sunny and in the high 60's.  Everyone is home and buzzing around with incredible stories and new friends.  Everyone's spring break seemed to be a week and a half of pure happiness.  Stories from Greece, Prague, Amsterdam, name it.

I studied at a Cafe across the street from my house in the sun for a couple of hours today... oh wait.. did I say study? It sure didn't feel like I was working.  I aced my Italian exam which was the only one I cared about since its what truly applies to life right now.

I have decided for these next several weeks here I am going to be turning my focus a bit more inward.  A bit'a soul searching.  What am I here on earth to do and accomplish. I want to be a bit more sure.

I have an ulti tourny here in Rome this weekend and I am ready to dominate the field and the night life of Rome again with my beloved BID (and biddies).

This weekend: high of 72 and blue skies fri-sun