Friday Valerio insisted on taking Camille and I out for chocolate shots after our pizza dinner at Pepito's which had pizza the size of three of my faces.  I also ordered tirimisu for dessert which apparently I've never actually had before.  I must have heard about it so much I just assumed I've tried it. But regardless, it was outta control deliciousness.  Even when I had three of my faces of pizza in me already. I made room.

All the chocolate shots were named after sexual phrases, I ordered an "orgasmo"... which was coconut.  She lines up three little dark chocolate cups the size of shot glasses, pours in our desired liquor, and tops it with whipped cream and sprinkles.  Lift the shot above your face and drop the ENTIRE gadget right in la boca... chew, and enjoy.  It was truly orgasmic.  By the time I got home it was 3:30, and I had almost forgotten I had to get up early to set up for the FIRST ultimate frisbee/freestyle tourneo held in Rome.  Pretty huge thing to be apart of as an avid discer.

Salvo, our captain, wanted us all there early to set up the fields before games started at 2:00pm.  Camille and I arrive at the fields at 10am when we were supposed to be there at 9:30.  Even though we are late, not even half of the team is there yet.  Did we seriously really TRY and be on time? Again? I'll TRY not to be even more not on time next time. Just tag on 5 min every time until I get it just right.  Camille and I set up a tent in 30 min, and set up is finished with about three hours to spare until game time.  Aka, bake in the sun during the 75 degree cloudless weather <3.  We played all day, drank beer, and made SO many new friends who can barely understand me.

We all transported to a gym out of town where we had our included meal of the famous porketta of a town on the outskirts of Rome. Incredible.  They offered endless amounts of pasta, beer, wine, and dessert, but no water.

Then Aldo being the kind-souled big-hearted man he is drives all us young-ins to the dance hall where we dance the night away like we usually do.  After a cappuccino and a cream filled croissant before bed, we have about 2 hours of sleep before we need to be up to play again in the morning.

After pretty much no sleep since I was on a caffeine high all night, we ended up actually getting to the fields on time. I actually felt pretty good.  Probably still high on caffeine and still full from the dinner. Obviously I couldn't BE more ready to play. Which I was.  Our team had soooo much fun together and the attitudes were so positive and upbeat and wonderful it was one of the best tournaments I've ever been apart of.

After not making it to the finals, the day drinking, the freestyle frisbee, and the lounging in the grass begins.  Afterword there was award ceremony giving respects to all the well deserved teams and players who made it to the finals.

There was also the MVP and Spirit of the Game award for the tournament that you cast you vote on a piece of paper and slipped into a box sometimes during the games.  Jun, a guy from my team, received the MVP award which is rightly deserved.  Best ulti player I've ever seen.

The amount of love and respect that I have been given while I am over here by my ultimate team is more than I could have ever hoped for while being abroad.  I am making connections and building relationships stronger than bridges.  Every moment I am grateful to spend with my team, and the amount of love I get in return blows my mind.  Somehow, beyond my minds capability to understand, the crowd had suggested my name to receive the Spirit of the Game Award.  This.  Is the biggest honor I could have ever been given.

I came to a different country alone, not knowing the language, culture, or people, and have managed to get myself in a position where people can still see who I am as a person, and the good vibes that I like to portray.  It just shows that even with barriers, happiness, gratitude, respect, and love will always remain concrete and universal.