Resume Equipped

Going to a smaller university is truly doing WONDERS for me as far as connections go.  You can't help but have relationships with your professors.  I have been engulfed and intrigued by my photography class, and so I have built a pretty decent student/teach relationship with my photo prof, Tony.  He decided to display my photos at AUR's media/film festival last night.  My name was in the brochure and everything :).  I also had him write me a letter of recommendation just for the hell of it because I can tell he likes me as a student.  I need to take advantage of every student/teacher relationship I make here since it is hard to do at MSU.

Turns out my buddy Tony has qualifications through the roof.  He has taught at four other universities, an award winning film-maker, and was an actor in Gangs of New York.  What the FLIP, Tony. He has been quoted in LA Times, ABC News, BBC, Times of London, and more.  He is also a photographer himself and holds his exhibitions in LA.

I feel like I chose the right guy!