Questioning reality

We roll into Sorrento on our charter bus at around 1 in the morning and find that we are staying in bungalows over the weekend, right up my ally.  We were put in a fairly large one with two rooms, a living room, kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower (KEY).  Six of us were placed into one, so it was me and two of my friends with three girls we had never met.  Right from the beginning, the six of us hit it off.  It was a bungalow a flowin with jokesters.  Everyone had a wonderful sense of humor.  I wish that this trip had come earlier during my stay here, because I would have loved to spend more time with these ladies in Rome than the solo month we have left here.

Writings from the weekend:
I live in someone's dream. Could be my own, but really could be anyones.  I know that what I did this weekend, anyone would dream of doing.  The kind of dream where you can decide what happens, where you go, and what you do.  If I were to transform my dreams into something it would have been a replica of today. Yesterday we took a ferry to the island of Capri.  We got drinks at a caffe as soon as we arrived, and then spent the morning on the beach.  At 2, we met up with our guide and took a boat tour around the island, which was like an American version of a party bus.  About 15 of us had drinks, snacks, and jokes.  The island of Capri is truly the site of Italy everyone of us has been waiting for; cliffs on the water and houses stacked on the rocks.  On the tour, the gutsy ones jumped off and swam through a grout and our guide picked us up on the other side.  Then some of us mad ones climbed up the sides of the rocks and cliff jumped into the water.  Dreams I'm telling you.  BUT some of the people on my boat got stung by jellyfish.  They weren't bad though so no one had to pee on them.  Guess it must be my own dream since I didn't get stung.  Although the water was titanic temp and we were all frozen for the rest of the day, I think I cried of happiness every ten minutes.  We headed back and took the next ferry home and hurried back to our warm shower in our cute little bungalow.

Today we took a bus into Positano.  I have NEVER in my life seen anything more breathtaking than the beach we went to in this city.  Everyone spent the whole day on the beach drinking, swimming, and of course tossing discs.  It was a day of pure elemental solid bliss.  When the sun started to set we took the bus home and walked around town and did a bit of tourist shopping.  The bus to Positano is a drive literally right on the edge of the cliffs. One slip up and you're off the edge.  Funny thing is, we WERE off the edge.  Barely anything was holding the road up.  These people make this drive everyday risking a free fall the distance of jumping out of a plane.  What a life.

Sunday, we were up early to catch a train to Pompeii.  Pompeii was the town that was completely covered when Mt. Vesuvius erupted.   It has been excavated and you can now see some of the town that is left, and even petrified bodies were found during the excavations.  We gathered our things and decided to go for it: Lunch in Naples.  Naples is the birthplace of the pizza.  We hopped on the train again going a half our out of our way.  We got there, at the famous margherita pizza for lunch, and hopped on the train back to Sorrento.  We made our bus back to Rome in the freaking nick of time!!