Three generations

Mom and Grandmom came to visit!!

What a treat it was. I experienced probably every authentic Roman dish there is here! We ate out for practically every meal.  Mom and Grandmom fortunately spent the mornings doing touristy things, so I got to snag them in the evenings.  I showed them around the places that I like most, showed them what my life was like here, and tried to slow things down for them after their adventurous busy mornings.  Being able to share this experience with my mother and her own mother made me feel like I belong here that much more.  The three of us hit up the town like an Italian family who just enjoys each other's company and really understands the importance of the family's presence.  It was wonderful because even though we were American, having Grandmom with us made us instantly respected wherever we went.  It was an experience I would have never been able to have here all on my own.  I can't thank them enough for the opportunity they gave me to openly share my new life while generously taking me with them to restaurants and museums.

Truly, all I need now is to be able to spend time here with the love of my life and I might never come back to the States...

But that's only a dream as my flight for America leaves in 11 days.