Timing is sometimes everything

Lately I've been meeting up with people, having dinners and lunches for the first or last time.  Tuesday night I went to dinner with Camille and two of her peeps, one from England and one from Scotland.  Its incredible to be able to share and compare experiences across cultures. Especially when you are the same age and going through similar things generation wise. The English and Scottish definitely have a sense of humor I could get use to. I might have just thought they were extra funny just because I could understand every word perfectly... when usually I'm stuck trying to interpret jokes of my Italian friends. I laugh anyway. I probably interpret a completely obscene joke I made up in my head when I'm trying to make sense of THEIR jokes. Hey... its always still funny which is the only thing that matters to me. Wednesday I grabbed lunch after class with too classy ladies that stayed in the same bungalow as me during our Amalfi coast trip. They are truly a fine bunch.

Turns out it was perfect timing for us to grab a grub together... because they both go to John Cabbot, which is done with school already.  All of the people who are housed by the university are kicked out this coming Sunday morning.  Julie, one from Amalfi, is traveling through Europe for another month while she is still here.  A couple of her friends are meeting up with her here in a couple of weeks, but until then, she basically has no where to stay.  Butttt, I have an extra couch and cot at my apartment. Yup, Julie, you're staying with me :).  There is no reason to waist the resources we are given in this other country.  We should be taking advantage of every extra bed, couch, floor, sleeping bag, WHATEVER. No reason to waist a roof.  So, I'm expecting Julie and all three of her massive suitcases to make home in my living room... happily :).  It just worked out so perfectly, but thank goodness we decided to get lunch together!  She'd be throwing down some extra euros for a hostel. Good timing.

Finals are next week so my nose has been in the books for the past couple of days.  I'm definitely don't have an ounce of stress in me about my exams... the only thing that ever causes me to think twice is the fact that I'm not staying in this country forever.