One week bucket list

5 days left in Rome and I am beginning to cross off an essential to-do list before I hit the air.

Key hole (check)

  • Beach (check, as of Sunday with Camille and Julie) It was the hottest, sunniest, most beautiful day in Rome so far, and we luckily spend it on a vast sandy lively beach by the sea with pbjs, oranges, coke, chips, and ice cream.  Lovely ladies, lovely day :).

English Graveyard
Eat a cannoli
Get a pizza from the place off the tram (supposed to be amazing)
Eat a Napoli style pizza (thick crust)
Team dinner
Porketta from Ariccia
Get souvenirs for loved ones
--Haha it's all food!! :)

I know there are more I just can't remember.  Studying for tests is the least of my worries here.  I am going to spend as much time with the people that I love and at the places that have changed me.  The experience is greater than the date of Picasso's paintings.