Try New things: If it's the journey that matters...

If it's the journey that matters, why aren't we more obsessed with the modes of transportation rather than the destination itself? I've done a little bit of research, and the main reasons that people enjoy traveling is to find themselves, learn a different language, experience another culture, and see new things.  Their is VERY little homage to the modes of transportation. What about skateboards, running, biking, buses, hot air balloons, or WHATEVER floats your boat (in a literal sense).  Italy wouldn't have been possible without that good'ol choppy plane ride over the ocean.

That is why I would like to dedicate this blog to the wheels and the engines that we spend oh so many hours on to get from place to place.  Not only should we be thankful for the modes of transportation, but I think we should really learn to respect and enjoy them as well.

Ever think the craziest things happen to you when you are traveling? You aren't alone! Here is an article with some fun travel stories that others have shared.

Happy travels x