Physical Activity Increases Productiviity

When I think of the world "travel", my eyes glaze over and I think about palm trees, meadows, flowers, exotic animals, and beautiful colors. Getting lost in the meaning of the word is a hobby of mine and is truly always an exciting adventure. Lately, I have been using the time I would spend day-dreaming about distance travels and channeling it into something much more useful.

I have found that using my energy and excitement I have for travel and applying it within my work office has brought me great motivation and satisfaction. Today I just finished the rough draft of my PowerPoint presentation called "Physical Activity is Productivity". Just as movement and traveling outside of the office can bring great understanding of ones self and amazing self-achievement, we must bring this excitement into the work place to keep us motivated and excited to do our job.

Traveling's incentives are endless.
  • Self-acheivement
  • cultural awareness
  • Make new friends
  • Satisfaction
  • Fulfillment of desire
  • The list goes on
Take the stairs

So why don't we allow these incentives in the work place? WE MUST. But in order to convince management that physical activity in the workplace is worth everyone's, time, money, and effort, we must bring to the surface what physical activity can do for a company. It has been proved in many studies (just Google it) that physical activity increases productivity in the work place.

Here is a general overview of the rough draft of my presentation:

  1. Being at your desk does not mean work is getting done
  2. A demand for productivity causes employees to do less of what they love
  3. Taking breaks increases productivity
  4. Being physically active can protect against job burnout
  5. Physical activity programs increase productivity by 2 to 52%
  6. Establish Physical Activity Program
  7. Provide tools (standing desks)
  8. Track progress (point system)
  9. Incentives (coupons)
  10. Ongoing advice
  11. Establish a Wellness Policy for employee handbook
  12. Works Cited
This presentation is the first step to a big change in our office. Out of my way corporate! Let's get healthy!