Crossroads of America

The first day I came to realize I had to change my Michigan ID to an Indiana ID, I cried. I blubbered uncontrollably and had a feeling of sadness I couldn't put an end to. My neighbors in cubicle world at HCCMIS were very curious about my constant sniffles and heavy breathing. They couldn't see me, but they could definitely hear me.

For a day, I struggled to find the happiness in becoming an Indiana resident. The crying was the peak of my struggles, but I was sincerely sad for a couple of weeks. My Michigan ID was one of the only ways I could tell people who I was and where I came from. It made people think "she is a master in snow and doesn't flinch at the cold... she's tough". At least in my egotistical imagination that's what I wish people were saying. That's what I wished people thought about my Michigan lifestyle my whole life. Rustic, camping, non-materialistic, and wholesome. But I have learned a lot since my tears fell. There is much more to Indiana than I imagined.

This past weekend I had some of my best friends from my childhood, as well as college friends, come to visit me in Indianapolis. All of my friends are finding jobs across the country, moving around, and finding where their heart belongs and what they enjoy doing. Being located in Indianapolis, IN allowed each and every one of my friends to be able to meet at my apartment in a decent amount of time. It really wasn't a horrible drive for any of them. If we all had decided to visit Cara in Wisconsin, Kyle would have had a 10 hour drive. If we decided to visit Kyle in Pittsburgh, Kelly would have had a 12 hour drive. It would have not allowed us to gather.

But here I am in Indianapolis, and no matter where my friends and family end up in this country, it will always be a location that is close enough to drive to meet up with friends and family. Indiana is truly shining bright in my heart now that it has the ability to bring us all together again. Michigan may hold my past, but Indiana definitely has the key to my future. And I am grateful.

Handlebar Indy