The Juit Subculture Thrives at PERQ

Jeans are a staple clothing option for anyone who is alive in the great U S OF A. The commonality of the jean pant makes it causal, but is what also makes them special and unique. Jean pants are closet essential that is deeply imbedded in American culture and has caused phenomenon in our country. 

One hot summer day, a brilliant individual decided to cut his fabulous pair of levi jean pants into shorts. It was a completely new and inspirational sub-culture that was formed after the jean pant went Pop; jorts. Now you have the jean shirt (jirt), the jean button up (jutton jup), and jean shoes (joes). Each sub-culture to his own.

I wasn’t sure there was any other possible jean sub-culture that could be formed in this world, until I went to the grand opening of @PERQmarketing. PERQ enlightened me with the new sub-culture of the jean pant suit jacket. The juit.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am familiar with the juit casual laid back but also business attire get-up, but I have not witnessed it to this extent. I wondered if PERQ’s culture and/or workspace were inspired by the juit, or vice-versa. Blurred lines.

Because it was hard for me to decipher exactly where the line was drawn between PERQ, and the juit sub-culture, I will from now on consider PERQ’s culture to be one with the sub-culture of juit-wearers. Those who are casual. Those who are business-oriented. Those who are partiers. Those who are hard-workers. The juit sub-culture thrives at PERQ.