Bucket List - PAGANELLO 2015

Bucket lists are something that are made as a child. They are built as you go along. They are made because of what we experience through life and what we learn on a day to day basis. Bucket lists are a way of explaining the inner depths of your soul to the outside world without necessarily using any descriptive words. They are also a way for another person to understand a friends soul even more. It's showing the world your inner lion, and what you have come here to live for.

My bucket list is not complete, and I will probably keep adding to the list until I die, but so far I have a couple big ones on my list that I can probably begin to cross off any day now.

When I was abroad in Italy, I visited a friend in Munich, Germany. She showed me around town, and even took me to Fussen to see the Neuschwanstein Castle. (The castle Disney mocked the Disney World castle by) This castle is particularly placed up in the Alps. From the top, it was a view of the Alps I will never forget. It is stamped in my brain. As an avid skier, my urge to jump off the edge and ski to the bottom was real. If I had a pair of skis, I really think I would have done it. Powder and sunshine all the way to the bottom. From that point on, skiing in the Alps was added to my bucket list. I was so close to my goal when I was with my friend in the Alps on this gorgeous castle touring trip, but I was so far away. Once frickin pair of skies away.

The bucket list comes and goes in no particular order. The point is to do them, all of them, whether it be sooner or later.

Another thing on my bucket list is to attend Paganello, the biggest beach ultimate tournament in the world. In Italy when I was playing for the Rome Ultimate Frisbee team (BID), we traveled quite a bit to attend different tournaments around the country. The one tournament that I didn't go to with my team was Paganello, not understanding he significance of the event. I couldn't go because I was very low on funds at the time. And now I simply regret not going. Hentz the bucket list addition.

JJ and I have been given an opportunity to finally attend Paganello in 2015. We have started a donation site for our family and friends to help us raise money to attend this beach tournament, which is both one of our lifetime goals. Please, anyone who has some extra change, help us acheive this goal and attend Paga in 2015. Follow this link to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/KKJJpaganello2015. We appreciate any and all the help we can get. Help us bring home a world cup for USA once again!!!