Your Personal Legend

The Alchemist is a book about a young boy who embarks on a journey in order to obtain his Personal Legend. A Personal Legend is the very meaning of one's existence. Once you have found your Personal Legend, you have found your true self and reached your highest potential. Now this is ironic because the boy clearly thinks that he will FIND his Personal Legend on his journey looking for it. But what he is missing is the fact that it is not finding your Personal Legend that allows us to find our true selves, its simply the act of looking for it. The stumbles, road blocks, people, questions, and fortune that we run into all adds up to our Personal Legend in the end.

The irony in this book is literally making me LOL when try and relate to it. It's ironic because I am inspired by a trip JJ and I are planning to Paganello. The last blog I wrote about almost exactly one year ago was about crossing Paganello off our bucket list. And here we are. Planning our European adventure gets me more and more excited each day. The trip is going to change both of us as individuals. It is going to strip us of our normal activities, work, and comfort of our own home, and allow us to let our true personality shine.

That is what I am looking forward to most. Finding out more about myself. And about JJ. This trip will help define us.