Blog About OTHER Blogs if You Don't Know What to Blog

Inspiration isn't something that sits in your brain locked and loaded. It doesn't just fire whenever you pull the trigger. Neither do good ideas, motivation, or decent story plots. Sometimes you have to dig deep into the zone. Maybe not always YOUR zone either, but someone else's zone. Check out someones blog or painting. After all, the web was built for sharing!

This concept brings me back to my freshman year in college. I had a class that had to do with writing in the new age. We spent a lot of time studying the word "copy", "plagiarism", and "authentic". Authentic is an original version, and anything NOT authentic is COPY.  There is no other way around it. There is also no way around this: ideas stem from other ideas. That is how things are invented and new books are written. The fascinating conclusion that comes with being a good writer is to be able to find inspiration from other pieces of work. Doing research, studying, and brainstorming with other individuals is how we progress in today's world.

Some examples of taking old and making it a new idea: music mash ups, any sequel of a movie, photography, and the iPhone app PicFrame. Now with social media, sharing ideas and information has become part of our everyday activities. In the 20's, it would be considered plagiarism. A simple copy and paste changes how ideas are made this century. So take advantage of the information at hand and invent something inspiring for others to see.