Concerts on The Lawn at the White River State Park


The best part about living in the city is that things come to YOU. You don't have to drive hours in order to see a band or find entertainment. The Lawn at the White River State Park has the best seats in the house no matter where you sit. People are free to roam. Lawn chairs are handed out for the public to snag a seat wherever their hearts desire. Bands come and go from the Lawn nearly every single weekend during the summer. Why wouldn't you want to fill a park with people in the sunshine and listen to music and drink booze? It's genius really. We should do it everywhere!

The next concerts coming up at the Lawn at White River State Park are probably worth the trip to Indy anyway. O.A.R., Three Doors Down, Carly Rea Jepsen, Imagine Dragons, and The Lumineers are a couple bands that will be at the park in the future. Tickets are pretty affordable as well. The Of Monsters and Men concert tix were bought at the gate for about $20. Of course I bought mine as soon as they went on sale so they were about 3 x as much as thought, but they are one of my favorite bands so it was worth it at the time. So enjoy and spend some time in the sun. They have drinks, chairs, and sunshine!